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  • Multibagger penny stock traded ex-split in 1:10 ratio in September 2022

Multibagger stock: Shares of Leading Leasing Finance And Investment Company Ltd are one of the multibagger stocks in India. The small-cap stock with a market cap of around 52 crore is one of those stocks in 2022 that announced subdivision of shares as well. The board of directors of the company announced 1:10 stock split this year and the stock traded ex-split on 22nd September 2022.
In last one month, this small-cap stock has delivered over 25 per cent return to its shareholders. However, this stock has a history of delivering whopping return to its shareholders as it surged from around Re 1 to 9.70 apiece levels in last 5 years, delivering to the tune of 870 per cent return to its long term positional investors.

Leading Leasing Finance share price history

In last one month, this small-cap multibagger penny stock has risen from around 7.75 to 9.70 apiece levels, recording around 25 per cent rise in this period whereas in last six months, it has surged from6.80 to 9.70 per share levels, logging around 42 per cent rise in this time. However, in first six months of last one year, the stock has remained sideways delivering 8 per cent return to its shareholders. However, the penny stock has risen from around Re 1 (September 29, 2017) to 9.70 apiece levels, logging around 870 per cent rise in this time horizon.

1 lakh turns to 9.70 lakh

As the stock has risen from around Re 1 to 9.70 apiece levels in last near 5 years, if an investor had invested 1 lakh in this penny stock around 5 years ago, its 1 lakh would have turned to 9.70 lakh today.

Stock split

This multibagger penny stock recently traded ex-split as board of directors decided to split the BSE listed company’s shares from the then existing 10 face value of shares to Re 1 face value of shares.
On Friday in the week gone by, this small-cap multibagger stock ended with a market cap of near 52 crore whereas its trade volume on Friday stood at 2.93 lakh. Its 52-week high is 17.38 apiece whereas its 52-week low is 4.23 per share. Book value per share of this multibagger penny stock is 17.97.
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